A Few Words About Our Services

As a Golf Expert,  we are proud to offer you a variety of errant golf ball  related services whether you're just trying to protect your back yard OR you're a golf course attempting to mitigate safety issues.   

Since our establishment in 1999, we have provided advice to homeowners, golf courses, driving ranges, insurance companies, lawyers and the court, all around the world.

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Our Services

Whether you are a golf course or a homeowner, we can assist in resolving your errant golf ball problems.

Champion Golf Consulting

As the leader in the mitigation of errant golf balls and potential damage to persons and property, my mission is to meet or exceed your expectations  .

Golf Course Safety Design

Safety should be the most important emphasis in the business. Adequate golf hole envelope distances are of prime importance. Get the best advice to keep clear of errant golf balls.

Golf Safety Education 

With years of experience advising on keeping safe on the course, driving range, or off, I can provide the education needed so that you can make sound decisions.

Golf Cart Injuries

Golf cart injuries are actually quite common. Whether an insurance claim or litigation, I can point you in the right direction.

Expert Witness 

Having worked with many lawyers as an errant golf ball expert, I can provide the analysis, report and testimony needed in litigation.

Driving Range Net Heights 

Are you designing a new range or modifying an existing one? I can advise on required net heights and recommended changes to tee bays. best replica watches

Online Consult

Booking a consult online is the easiest way to begin the process. Using our booking form, you can specify the details of your errant golf ball issue.