Golf Cart Safety & Injury

Golf carts are an essential part of a golf courses operations. As with all golf course operations, safety should be a top priority.

Although Golf Expert Consulting does not handle the investigation of golf cart injuries directly, we do refer cases to an experienced expert.

The major area for golf safety with carts is mis-use. A large percentage of serious injury producing golf cart incidents involve underage drivers that lack the awareness of potential hazards. Although golf carts are viewed as light duty and recreational in nature, carts can reach speeds as high as 15 mph and are often modified to go even faster. Even under 15 mph, it would be generally unreasonable to assume that an automobile would be safe for children to operate. Likewise,Rolex Replica it is generally unreasonable to assume that a golf cart driven at these speeds is safe for children to operate. Although this is not intended to be a comprehensive list, consumption of alcoholic beverages while on the golf course overlays altered judgment, hazard and risk. Other potential countermeasure categories under discussion include restraints, roll over protection systems, vehicle handling, visibility and maintenance/storage. 

Golf Carts Collide with Trees and Other Objects

 The accident above resulted in:

  • 18 year old driver sustaining injuries sustained right extremity injuries
    (requiring open reduction internal fixation surgery) including the following:
  • Right comminuted distal radial metaphyseal fracture
  • Right ulnar styloid fracture
  • Right triquetral fracture
  • Right scapholunate ligamentous injury
  • Colles fracture (displaced)

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