Golf Expert Consulting 

Using science to design safe experiences one errant golf ball at a time

Golf Safety is for Everyone

It starts with a well designed golf course.

Golf Injuries

Although not frequent, golf injuries do occur.

Why Choose Golf Expert Consulting Services?

We have been consulting on the safety of golf since 1999 all around the world: residential, golf course, golf driving range, insurance claims and  litigation over errant golf ball disputes.

Golf Course Safety

Safety should be the number priority of golf course management. We can provide the advice you need to avoid injuries and litigation.

Golf Driving Range Fence Heights

Unless the Driving Range sits on 10 acres, it likely requires fences to contain golf balls. Get an analysis of what height produces what % containment.

Expert Witness

Do you need an expert witness for a litigation involving errant golf balls? Count on us to provide the expert opinions you need.

Residential Advice  

Do you own a residence or business bordering a golf hole? How many errant golf balls on your property are too many? Need advice on fence heights?

Online Consult

Booking a consult online is the easiest way to begin the process. Using our booking form, you can specify the details of your errant golf ball issue.