Course Requirements

A golf course is only as safe as its architectural design. Some courses have been crammed into too small of a parcel of land with the result of fairways being too close to one another or residential properties being too close to fairways. The end result is too many errant golf ball issues that can cause damage to property or persons.

Golf Expert Consulting can advise on safety envelopes required to mitigate safety issues. swiss replica watches

Safety Design Details of a Golf Course

 The safety design of a course takes into account.

  • Width of Fairways
  • Safety Cones from tee points
  • Ample separation of golf holes
  • Appropriate positioning and alignment of tees
  • Factoring the wind into account
  • Adequate placement of hazards and rough area
  • Ample setbacks from roads and residences (assessing the value of X in the golf hole schematic above)
  • Future potential use of adjacent properties 

Samples of our Work  

We perform golf ball trajectory analyses and recommend safety fence heights for Country Club International in Australia. CCI is that nation's leader in designing and installing safety fences.

  • View the video and you'll see a number of our projects. 
  • Note that all fence sections are not the same height, saving $$.     
  • The golf ball trajectory analysis determines where maximum heights are required.

Pebble Beach 18th 

 As an example, consider the 18th Hole at Pebble Beach. To do an errant golf ball analysis, we'd consider the following:

  • Only worried about errant golf balls escaping to the right side 
  • Simulate likely golf ball trajectories with software
  • Import the trajectories into Google Earth
  • White trajectory is a straight tee shot 
  • Red trajectory is a severe slice that would exit the golf course 
  • Analyze the likely number of such errant balls that would exit the golf course using data from a full spectrum of golfers    
  • Provide recommendations of safety fence heights/lengths and or golf hole redesign. 

Why Choose Golf Expert Consulting Services?

We have been consulting on the safety of golf since 1999 all around the world: residential, golf course, golf driving range, insurance claims and  litigation over errant golf ball disputes.

Golf Course Safety

Safety should be the number priority of golf course management. We can provide the advice you need to avoid injuries and litigation.

Golf Driving Range Fence Heights

Unless the Driving Range sits on 10 acres, it likely requires fences to contain golf balls. Get an analysis of what height produces what % containment.

Expert Witness

Do you need an expert witness for a litigation involving errant golf balls? Count on us to provide the expert opionions you need.

Residential Advice  

Do own a residence bordering a golf hole? How many errant golf balls on your property are too many? Need advice on fence heights?

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Booking a consult online is the easiest way to begin the process. Using our booking form, you can specify the details of your errant golf ball issue.