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Location, location, location. If you're thinking of buying a house on a golf course, the exact location of the house relative to the golf hole is extremely important. There are various locations that are considered "zones of danger" and will likely be threatened by golf balls. You'd invest in a Home Inspection before buying, right? Consider investing in an "Errant Golf Ball Analysis" that will identify if a property is a major risk. A modest fee of $299 US.

For this modest fee, you'll be provided with a report which includes:

1. A full written report which includes an estimate of how many balls will likely threaten your residence each year.

2. A google earth image of the golf hole, your residence and some likely golf ball trajectories.

If you're already experiencing golf ball problems and Best Replica Watches are wanting to protect your property from errant golf balls, we can provide you with the analysis you're looking for to determine net height and placement to prevent balls from entering your property.

There have been multiple cases of errant golf ball problems with residential properties adjacent to golf holes. In many cases, it's due to a flaw in safety design of the golf hole.

One way to resolve the problem is to erect safety nets, either at the boundary of the residential property or near the tee of the golf course. Another way to resolve (or reduce significantly) is to modify the golf hole in a small way.

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