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Our Golf Expertise is unique in the legal world. As an errant golf ball expert, we can analyze and give advice on potential damage produced by errant golf balls. Golf Netting Safety Height, Topographic Errant Ball Analysis, Adjoining Property Errant Golf Ball Safety Determination, any litigation involving golf club / ball interactions. Using a highly accurate golf ball projectile model, we can determine the "zones of danger." Call for a quote.

We have been providing expert advice to golf courses, driving ranges,best replica watches residential properties and the courts for since 2000. He has advised on cases in Australia, Canada, Norway, Spain, UK and many of the US States.

In a world in which litigation is becoming more frequent, it's becoming increasingly more important for golf courses and golf driving ranges to ensure errant golf balls are contained. There is increasing residential developments being built around golf courses. If place too closely, errant golf balls will almost certainly cause damage to property and/or persons. We can expertly advise on such issues.

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